Bethel Baptist Church Wedding Policy

Thank you for your interest in being married at Bethel Baptist Church and/or by a minister of Bethel Baptist Church.  We are sure that you will keep in mind that a wedding ceremony is a religious service, one of the most important that you will ever experience.  You will want your wedding to be in accord with the best of etiquette and dignity. There should not be anything in your wedding to mar its beauty.  You will want it to be sacred and memorable.

All church weddings must be scheduled on the church calendar by filling out a wedding request form and returning it to the church office, as well as being cleared by the Pastor.

The Pastor shall counsel with both the bride and bridegroom prior to the wedding.  The bride or bridegroom should obtain a copy of the Pastor’s Guidelines for Matrimony from the Pastor or church office.  The Pastor and couple can then set times for these counseling sessions.  If the Senior Pastor or church policy should determine that the couple is not eligible to be married in the church, no other minister of Bethel Baptist Church will be available to officiate the wedding.

The arrangements for the organist and instrumentalists are left to the discretion of the parties involved.  The church organist/pianist and or Music Director will be available as their schedules permit. If the services of the church organist/pianist or Music Director are requested a minimum honorarium  of ______ is appropriate.

The music in your wedding should be sacred.  Sometimes suggestions for music selections cannot be honored because they are of a purely secular origin or connotation.  Fraternity of sorority songs, popular songs, and works with sacred titles but which are secular in spirit, must not be used.  Please consider carefully the text of your musical selections. Make sure the music selected conveys a beautiful and appropriate Christian sentiment concerning your wedding and your life together.

No fee or charge of any type shall be made for the use of church property.  The church facilities, including heat, lights, and use of facilities are available without charge. The church does not permit parties from outside the church membership to use the church for weddings.

The service of the custodian and/or the Building and Grounds Ministry Team in the moving of furniture, maintenance of heating, cleaning and rearranging, opening and closing the church are apart from their regular responsibilities.  Therefore an appropriate honorarium of _______ would be in order. The wedding party assumes full responsibility for leaving church facilities in the condition they were found prior to the wedding.

The church forbids the use of alcohol as a beverage at the wedding or reception.  Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the church building.

Small weddings may be scheduled with the Pastor to be conducted in the Pastor’s Study or in a private home with a minimum amount of planning and expense.  The Pastor’s Guidelines for Matrimony and the guidelines stated within this policy apply regardless of the location of the wedding ceremony.

Since the church belongs to its members, parties using the church for weddings shall assume full responsibility for any injury or damage to church property.  The wedding party shall be limited to areas that are specifically needed, such as the sanctuary, social hall, restrooms, and dressing area.